ArgusLab 4.0

ArgusLab builds graphic representations of molecular models
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ArgusLab is a program to build graphic representations of molecular models. Using this program, you will be able to show molecular models to pupils, or even design matters by combining different elements. You will be able to include in your model several atoms, residues, groups and calculations. Every component can be edited to meet your needs. You can use hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, chlorine and fluorine atoms. You can join those atoms using any kind of bond possible. This way you will be able to build simple or complex molecules. If you need it, ArgusLab lets you check a built-in periodic table. You can zoom in to make the model bigger, or zoom out to see less details. ArgusLab also allows you to build surfaces, calculate energy, optimize geometry, perform Gaussian calculations, plot molecules and everything you will need to customize your molecular model. The results can be printed or plotted. They can be saved in ArgusLab proprietary format. They can also be exported to BMP, JPG, TIFF or POV Ray formats.

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